Power Delivery | Information Services

Power Delivery and Information Services encompass critical, cross-divisional functions for Dairyland in its mission to reliably and safely supply wholesale electricity to our 24 member cooperatives and 27 municipal utilities.

Power Delivery functions include:

More information about Dairyland's current Power Delivery projects can be found here

System Operations ensures reliability through constant oversight of Dairyland’s generation and transmission systems, using state-of-the-art computerized control and telecommunications systems. Dairyland system operators also direct control of the load management conservation system, and interact with MISO, the regional transmission organization (RTO).

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Information Services is the name of the operational area composed of the Operations Control Systems and Telecommunications departments. Operations Control Systems is responsible for Dairyland’s computerized Energy Management Systems and includes maintaining all support systems utilized for sharing data with neighboring utilities. Telecommunications provides voice and data communications services, including data collection and utility control equipment, located throughout the system.