Vegetation Management

Dairyland is authorized to maintain a "right-of-way" corridor that is free and clear of all trees, shrubs and other tall plants and vegetation. Dairyland also removes tall and leaning trees located adjacent to and outside the ROW strip that may endanger the electrical transmission line facility either due to a fall or during a five-year growth horizon (or into the next scheduled vegetation maintenance cycle). 

Mature heights of all vegetation must be considered when selecting trees, shrubs and plants. Landscaping adds beauty and function to property, but mature height of a tree, shrub or plant must be in compliance with clearance limitations under electric power lines. The distance away from the centerline of an electrical transmission line generally determines the maximum mature height of a tree, shrub or plant that may be planted and maintained within an electric line easement corridor. For multiple reasons - safety and reliability included - Dairyland does not trim trees. Trees and tall vegetation will be removed from the right of way corridor. 

More information, including a list of plants that are compatible within transmission line corridors can be found here: Tree Plantings & Power Lines (PDF).

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