As we conduct our business, we will be good stewards of the environment.Pollinator Week Planting

Success on land and in air

Dairyland’s commitment to environmental health extends to stewardship — finding ways to enhance the environment that go beyond our operations. Our Peregrine Falcon Program has helped restore the endangered birds of prey to their native Upper Mississippi region.

Cooperative employees were key to a program to help restore native prairie grasses in the region at a site near Genoa, Wis. Working with The Prairie Enthusiasts, Dairyland employees learned techniques of controlled burns that invigorate the germination of native grasses and prairie plants. What makes this project particularly satisfying and representative of the value of giving back to the land is that the grassland area was the site of the ash disposal from our coal plants, but has been re-seeded for future generations with nearly 60 species of native prairie plants.