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Dairyland continues to transition to a more diverse generation portfolio, with the goal of reducing carbon intensity in a reliable and affordable manner for our members. Carbon reduction and system reliability are central issues as we plan for the future. 

The "light bulb" charts illustrate Dairyland's progress with the clean energy transition and our power supply plans for a continued path forward. "Sustainability requires balance," said Vice President, Strategic Growth John Carr. "As we transition to a low-carbon future, safety and reliability remain at the forefront."

Key elements of our sustainable generation plan include exploring nuclear small modular reactors, growing renewable energy resource investments and maintaining safety through the Nemadji Trail Energy Center (NTEC) and our reliable existing fleet. All of these elements work together to enable Dairyland to meet its obligation as a critical services provider.

For example, NTEC will provide reliable back-up power for the 12 wind and solar projects (totaling 1,700 MW or renewable energy) that Dairyland has proposed as part of its New ERA program application. Together, the projects will result in over a 70% reduction in CO2 if they achieve commercial operation.