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Dairyland Power Cooperative has funded and assisted with implementation of the first electric vehicle (EV) fast charger at a Kwik Trip in the State of Wisconsin. The Level 3, 180 kW ABB Fast Charger is located at the new Holmen Kwik Trip (1760 Tempte St.). A brief dedication event was held on Earth Day, Friday, April 22.

Riverland Energy Cooperative, a Dairyland member cooperative, serves the new Holmen Kwik Trip and is also the EV fast charger operator. Dairyland partnered with ZEF Energy as the vendor for the ABB fast charger.

“This is a major milestone for beneficial electrification in our region,” said Brent Ridge, Dairyland President & CEO. “It is exciting to collaborate with Kwik Trip and Riverland on the fastest EV charger in the region, and the first at a Kwik Trip in Wisconsin. The growth in EV use will make this charging station an essential and safe resource for drivers traveling through Western Wisconsin.”

The 180 kW fast charger is three times faster than the average charger, giving EV drivers an efficient, convenient “refueling” experience at the new Kwik Trip. “EV drivers often use the PlugShare app to locate EV charging infrastructure along their route. The comments about the new Holmen Kwik Trip charger are a testament to how much the ultra-fast charge at a clean, quality facility is appreciated by the EV driving public,” said Jeff Springer, Dairyland Manager, Innovation & Efficient Electrification.

Dairyland will be siting an identical ABB Level 3, 180 kW EV fast charging station at a Kwik Trip in Stewartville, Minn., later this spring. The EV charging station will be in People's Energy Cooperative's service territory.