Be safe on DPC Reservoir in Ladysmith

Be safe on DPC Reservoir in Ladysmith

Dairyland urges caution to those who are using the Dairyland Reservoir in Ladysmith, Wis., for recreational activities. The ice becomes unstable and dangerous as spring approaches.


As the spring run-off starts, Dairyland is implementing a normal drawdown of between one to two feet, to help control levels during rapidly changing flows. The total drawdown could be as much as three feet, depending on the amount of additional precipitation and how quickly the snow melts.


Fishermen and boaters should also be cautious near the spillway, since hazardous currents can develop as flows increase. At all times of the year, dangerous reverse currents in the tailwaters of dams can cause fatalities. Please obey all warning signs, staying away from restricted areas.


The Flambeau Hydroelectric Station, located on the Flambeau River five miles northeast of Ladysmith, has been generating clean, efficient electricity since 1951. This water-powered facility can generate 22 MW of electricity. Throughout the year, Dairyland welcomes area residents and visitors to enjoy the many recreational opportunities available on both the Reservoir and the public land surrounding it.

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