All About EVs: National Drive Electric Week

All About EVs: National Drive Electric Week

Sept. 30, 2021

Dairyland and our member cooperatives support electric vehicles (EVs) every week of the year! Dairyland’s Manager, Innovation and Efficient Electrification Jeff Springer works to expand EV charging infrastructure in the Upper Midwest. The majority of Dairyland’s member cooperatives have placed at least one Level 2 public charger in their service territory.

During National Drive Electric Week, Jeff joined both Dunn Energy Cooperative at a fast charger ribbon installed at the Eau Claire Travel Center and Barron Electric Cooperative at a grand opening for its fast charger at the Prime Bar in Trego, Wis.

“Dairyland is excited to play a role in bringing electric vehicle charging infrastructure to our service area,” said Springer. “The EV infrastructure that our member cooperatives support is leading to convenient charging locations for EV drivers in Western Wisconsin and beyond.”

Beneficial electrification is a major focus for Dairyland
In 2020, Dairyland joined CHARGE, a regional EV charging network to encourage EV market growth. Dairyland is undertaking a program with our member cooperatives to site charging stations in the rural areas we serve. 

Dairyland is also launching a research project into the capabilities of utilizing an EV for two-way power. The Vehicle to Grid project will test an EV’s ability to feed power back in the grid. Beyond testing this concept of a smart interface, EVs may prove useful in alleviating peak loads by providing energy back to the grid at times of high use.

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