The Birds are Back!

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Spring is [almost] here! A Peregrine falcon was spotted by employees on March 1 at Dairyland's Alma Site nesting box (see photo). Dairyland's Falcon Bird Cam is activated for online birdwatching of the 2023 nesting season. Dairyland will provide updates on the falcon activity as the birds return and hopefully produce a successful hatch this year. Falcons return to their nesting sites early in the year after migrating to South America for the winter.

Dairyland’s Peregrine Falcon Restoration Program began in the 1990s and since then, more than 150 falcons have fledged from the Alma and Genoa sites combined! This is a great testament to the power of collaboration between industry and the environment. In 2021, the nesting box and Bird Cam at Dairyland's Genoa Station #3 were removed due to the retirement and eventual dismantling/demolition of the plant. 

Last year (2022), four Peregrine falcons fledged from Dairyland's Alma nesting site. Check back often to watch the progress in real time!