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2020 Nesting Season

On March 4 & 5, four falcons arrived at Dairyland's Alma and Genoa (Wis.) nesting sites.

In Alma, a new pair was identified as Mackey (male) and an unbanded female. Returning to the Genoa nesting box are Marcelle (male) and Peta (female). They have been the resident pair in Genoa since 2017. 

Courtship behavior will take place in March with egg laying occurring in early April.

Update (April 2, 2020): 

The 2020 Peregrine falcon nesting season is in full swing at Dairyland’s Genoa and Alma power plant nesting sites! The Genoa Site falcons (Marcelle and Peta) are incubating four eggs. (A typical clutch for a Peregrine is three to four eggs.) 

The Alma Site pair (Mackey and an unbanded female) began egg-laying the first week of April. There was some speculation earlier this season that the Alma falcons might choose to nest on a nearby natural cliff dwelling, as they have sometimes done in the past. However, they clearly felt they were “safer at home” this year at the Dairyland nesting box!

2019 Nesting Season Overview

Falcons returned to Dairyland's Alma and Genoa falcon nesting sites in early March. Once they were established in their nesting boxes, they were identified through ID bands on their legs. 

A falcon pair prepare a box for nesting.

The pair of falcons at the Genoa Site were returning raptors: The female was Peta, who has been a resident female since 2016; the male was Marcelle, who has been the resident male since 2017. In 2019, the pair cared for a small clutch of eggs and all appeared well until the eggs disappeared one morning. An observant Bird Cam follower contacted Dairyland Power soon after to say they saw a raccoon in the nest in the middle of the night - more than 300 feet above the ground.

After being unable to produce viable eggs in 2018 - most likely due to a mid-April snowstorm - Kiwi and Power returned to the Alma site in 2019. Kiwi has been the site's resident male since 2013; Power returned for her second season before a new female named Adeline was also spotted at the nest. Adeline took over as the resident female and she and Kiwi produced four eggs, which hatched and fledged in early summer after being banded and named: The two females were named Scout and Polar; the two males were named Vortex and Energizer. 

Dairyland’s Peregrine Falcon Restoration Program began in the 1990s. 142 falcons have fledged from Alma and Genoa Sites combined! This is a great testament to the power of collaboration between industry and the environment.