Bird Cam

Bird Cam


The falcons have migrated to South America for the winter and will return in Spring 2019. We'll bring the Bird Cams back online when our feathered friends return! 

2018 Peregrine Falcon Nesting Season Recap

Falcons returned to Dairyland’s Alma and Genoa (Wis.) falcon nesting sites in early March. Once they were established in their nesting boxes, they were identified through ID bands on their legs.

The pair of falcons at the Genoa Site were both returning raptors: The female was Peta, who has been the resident female since 2016; the male was Marcelle, who was the resident male in 2017. On May (the) 4, four chicks hatched - one male and three females. All four fledged from their nesting box in late June with ID bands on their legs. Proposed names for the chicks included "Millennium" and "Skywalker."

Kiwi returned to the Alma Site where he has been the resident male since 2013. Power was the female, but the pair was unable to produce any viable eggs most likely due to a mid-April snowstorm.

Dairyland’s Peregrine Falcon Restoration Program began in the 1990s. Counting the 2018 hatch, more than 130 falcons have fledged from Alma and Genoa Sites combined! This is a great testament to the power of collaboration between industry and the environment.

Bird Cams have been installed at each site and will go live in Spring 2019 when pairs of falcons return to each site.