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April is Lineman Appreciation Month

Although April 10 was officially National Lineman Appreciation Day, America’s electric cooperatives are using anytime during the month of April as opportunity to honor the dedicated professionals who truly keep the lights on, day and night.

Dairyland employs 66 dedicated lineworkers who work in challenging conditions across our four-state service territory. Our line professionals span many areas and levels, including apprentice, journeymen, lead, foreperson and management positions.

“Dairyland’s lineworkers are greatly appreciated by everyone at Dairyland... and by anyone who has had power restored after an outage,” said Ben Porath, Vice President, Power Delivery.
“This year, our line crews spent their holidays restoring power in South Dakota, after a Christmas ice storm caused major outages in East River Electric Co-op’s service territory. Helping when and where help is needed is what they do, safely and expertly. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to safety,” said Porath.

Wisconsin is home to 215 lineworkers employed at electric cooperatives, including Dairyland. Across the nation, more than 19,000 lineworkers maintain 2.5 million miles of line for electric co-ops, public power districts and public utility districts.
If you are on social media, consider taking a moment to show your appreciation for all lineworkers. Use #ThankALineman in support of those who help power our homes and businesses!

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